Signal Capture

The first step in any streaming project is capturing input signal, whether input is coming from files and forming playlists or you need to take input from protected satellite channel.

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In some cases specialized hardware or software components are needed, depending on your project specification. For example you need a Blackmagic capture card for input signal coming from studio equipment on serial digital interface, or specialized software if project involves publishing live stream from mobile devices like "Periscope" does.

Video Encoding

Video compression is complex part of the project. Here you must make a decision between level of compression and image quality. Every platform requires different approach to encoding process. Resource constrained devices, like mobile phones and tablets, need to use hardware acceleration for video encoding because CPU is not powerful enough to encode video frames in real-time.

codec comparison

For the same image quality AVC/H.264 codec produces half the bitrate of old MPEG-2 codec. For that reason AVC/H.264 is the most used codec for video compression today. The new HEVC/H.265 codec produces half the bitrate of AVC/H.264 while keeping the same image quality or substantially improves video quality at the same bit rate. There are few provided methods for HEVC and AVC encoding with option to produce several profiles of the same video source and use it for adaptive bitrate channels.


We provide streaming software stack that handles all streaming and multimedia complexity deliverying video to all devices and screens.

video on all screens

Streaming service is accomplished by forming content delivery network with unique set of features. From Live streaming, Video On Demand (VOD) and Recording to adaptive-bitrate streaming, Authorization and thumbnail extraction. Stream is automatically adjusted to match protocol supported on the player's device for example HTML5 video in web page or special Apple protocol for iPhones and iPads or Flash protocol for older browsers. There is possibility to extent and customize operation of the server software and implement custom business logic.

Player software

Various player software that enables all advanced features available in our system like EPG, Subtitles, Picture In Picture (PIP), Catch-up function (pause live stream and watch later), Thumbnails and posters.

Customizing player functionality is for projects with special requirements like protecting streamed content (DRM) or displaying 360-video or creating interactive video or targeted advertizement.

video on all screens

Real-time messaging

Messenger software and applications for sharing text, images and videos.

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If your project needs to replicate functionality from "Viber", "Whatsapp" or "Skype" plus a new set of special features like 360-video then our messaging software stack is perfect fit.

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